Call for Proposals

The 2019 Rutgers Excellence in Student Affairs Conference invites you to apply to be a presenter for one of our breakout educational sessions. We ask presenters to focus their presentations on topics relevant to the field of student affairs, while weaving in our theme of define: S.T.O.R.Y.

Our theme this year encourages attendees and presenters to engage in introspection and critical thinking:

Significance: What is our value and worth to this field? What unique traits and skills do we bring to the table? What is our significance and how do we stay relevant? Measuring and qualifying our significance can be difficult but it is vital to reflect on our own practices in order for us to continue to grow and evolve as educators and student affairs professionals.

Trends: What is trending in the field of student affairs and higher education? What recent events, new practices, or research that are currently impacting college campuses? Trends are opening the way for new and innovative approaches in higher education. It is our responsibility to keep up with current and global events that impact our work with students. 

Opportunities: Student affairs and higher education provides a myriad opportunities for us to grow professionally, explore our passions, and implement innovative thoughts. We should always seek and challenge ourselves to take advantage of these opportunities as well as cultivating new ones for future student affairs practitioners and educators. 

Realities: The realities we encounter everyday impact the work we do for students and our own lives. Owning our mistakes, recognizing and repairing trauma, and understanding others’ lived experiences are critical steps in our growth. As the field continues to grow and diversify, our realities and lived experiences will also change and evolve along with the students we serve. It is our responsibility to highlight these realities to unpack and navigate the myriad issues affecting our work and our students. 

You: Who are YOU? What does it mean to walk a day in your shoes? How does defining who we are influences our performance and our lives? How do we show up authentically for our students, others and ourselves? Defining who we are is not a final step but instead a lifelong and ongoing process. 

Ed Sessions

Program Format:

50 minute session – general interest, round table, or panel discussion

Proposal Submission Timeline:

Priority Deadline: September 27, 2019 

Final Deadline: October 7, 2019

Proposal Decision Notifications: October 15, 2019


For questions related to proposals and presentations, please contact Kristine Bacani ( or Sandy Mickens (

RED Talks

What are RED Talks?

RED Talks are succinct presentations that will occur during the 2019 Regional Excellence in Student Affairs Conference at Rutgers University-New Brunswick on Thursday, December 13, 2019, in the style of TED Talks, and should speak about one’s story and the impact on their personal and professional journey. Our hope is presenters will be able to incorporate this year’s theme within their presentation. RED Talks typically are accompanied by multimedia (video, audio, PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.). The purpose of RED Talks is that they are direct, accessible, and engaging for our audience.


For questions related to proposals and presentations, please contact Philip Chambers (