About the Conference

December 12-13, 2019
Livingston Student Center - Piscataway, NJ

The Rutgers Excellence in Student Affairs Conference is a regional conference hosted annually by Rutgers Student Affairs – New Brunswick. The conference aims to engage student affairs professionals, graduate students, and undergraduates interested in the field, in meaningful conversations to spur innovative ideas and thoughts on how we can improve our practice for future and current students.


Thursday, December 12

8:15am – 4:30pm

Join us for a morning of conversations around best practices in our Toolbox Topics sessions. Then, spend the afternoon fully immersed in a multiple-hour workshop of your choosing, and take a deeper dive into topics such as data and assessment.


Friday, December 13

8:30am – 4:30pm

Don’t miss your chance to learn from peers during two educational session blocks, receive 1:1 coaching from senior level professionals, and be inspired by the stories of our keynote and REDtalk speakers. There will be networking opportunities and a chance to give back to the community through an outreach project.

Why Attend the Rutgers Excellence in
Student Affairs Conference?

#1 — Network:
Conferences bring together people from all different areas who share a common discipline or field, and they are a great way to meet new people in your field. Collaboration is the way to approach networking.

#2 — Expand Knowledge:
No matter the level of experience, everyone can learn a new idea. There are tremendous and very real benefits to leaving your office, attending a professional conference and expanding your knowledge on topics related to your field.
#3 — Gain Inspiration:
Uncover ideas and spark inspiration from listening to RED Talks, speakers, and educational sessions while being in the company of other higher educational professionals.
#4 — Follow Trends:
Learn industry trends and how they’re implemented, how other professionals are utilizing trends or dealing with trends and issues to stay relevant.
#5 — Have Fun: 
People who include fun in their lives tend to be happier, healthier, and less stressed. We can better serve our students when we take the time for our own well-being, to be fully immersed in the conference experience, open our minds, and have fun.

Meet our Keynote Speaker

Akbar H. Cook

Principal - Newark West Side High School

Principal Akbar Cook became known for his innovative approach providing for his community in Newark Public Schools with initiatives such as the “Lights On” and “Washing Bullying Away” programs. He has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show talking about his desire to uplift and educate children and has gained the attention of many.


Click here to learn more about Principal Akbar Cook

Our Sponsors

Bridge of Books Foundation

S.T.O.R.Y. Time at RESAC

We have partnered with the Bridge of Books Foundation to collect and distribute book to children in need in every county in the state of New Jersey. To date, they have distributed over 1,000,000 books to children who don’t have access to books at home!

Can you help us make a difference? Your donation can help a child define their story and change lives!

We’re looking to donate 500+ NEW books for children aged Pre-K through 12th grade. Donations will be collected at the conference in December.

For more information about this amazing organization, please visit:

Highlights From Last Year

The Rutgers University Excellence in Student Affairs conference hosted over 300 attendees. The theme last year was to “Reflect, Reimagine, and Reach”.

The conference honored the amazing practices that student affairs staff and faculty have implemented in improving the overall experience of students.

Last year’s conference sought to capitalize on our imaginations and our innovations that effectively energizes and mobilizes our students, staff, and faculty.

Take a moment to view some key highlights from 2018’s Excellence in Student Affairs Conference.